BEST PRICE for your favorite Balikbayan box products and others!!!


Smart Marketing Services (SMS) provides an online platform for shopping for items for your loved ones back home or even for your own personal consumption. We offer SMART shopping experience to our buyers:

S: Savings: We offer discounted, low, and the best pricing for majority of our items. Aside from monetary savings, you also save your energy from carrying all those shopping bags while going around Hong Kong!

M: More Than Shopping: We value our loyal customers, and want them to have a memorable online shopping experience with SMS by giving them rewards as our way of saying “Thank you!” for your support.

A: Availability: 24/7 and 365 days of safe and secure shopping.

R: Respectful Staff: Call us. Inquire, complain, rave, rant, give your criticisms or suggestions. We train our staff to always be courteous and patient to buyers. We will respond calmly and professionally.

T: Time-saver: Shop during your meal break, when waiting for a friend to show up, or even before going to bed! We offer a hassle-free “shop anytime, anywhere” experience to our buyers. Just log-on to your account, choose the items you like, pay, and make delivery/pick-up arrangements.